The Directors Circle

Everybody needs their best friends, and every theatre needs them too.

At Jermyn Street Theatre we have recently started a Director’s Circle. Limited to 25 individuals or couples, these are the people we rely on most. They sponsor productions, fund new initiatives, and support our staff. It is a pleasure to get to know them: we invite Director’s Circle members to our exclusive press nights and parties, and we often have informal drinks or suppers in small groups.
They are also an invaluable sounding board for me.

Currently, members of the Director’s Circle donate between £2,000 and £55,000 (with a threshold of £2,000 to join).

They are our heroes and they make everything possible. We have space at the table for more, and I would love to hear from you.

Tom Littler

Artistic Director


Michael & Gianni Alen-Buckley
Philip & Christine Carne
Jocelyn Abbey & Tom Carney
Colin Clark
Flora Fraser
Charles Glanville & James Hogan
Marjorie Simonds-Gooding
Peter Soros & Electra Toub
Martin Ward & Frances Card
Robert Westlake & Marit Mohn
Melanie Vere Nicoll